Ultrahuman ring - perfect fit for low maintanence high quality ftiness tracker

December 27, 2023 (1y ago)

effortless fitness tracker


I have been a big fan of ultrahuman since their M1 days. The M1 helped me get my hba1c back to less than 5.6 up from as high as 6.3 just by being aware of learning what triggers to avoid.

Coming to fitness tracker, I have used apple watch for many years but one of the big shifts i made in the last 6 months was to move away from big screen smartphones to small devices primarily to crash my screen time and hopefully allow me to spend more time thinking or being in the present. After few rounds of experimentation, my devices today are Nokia 2720 as a backup device and Cat S22 Flip as the primary one.

The problem with fitness tracker for me

Most of fitness tracker come across as watch or band that just requires almost daily charging plus i find it very uncomfortable to wear them during sleep and sleep is a big part of what i care about. Thats where i feel ultrahuman ring fits in perfectly

What works well

  • No monthly recurring fee
  • Full charge lasts 4/5 days comfortably
  • Really sleek design and feels very natural even during sleep
  • I really trust ultrahuman with the science part of tracking more than other players so i still get most of what i look for (sleep, steps, food intake, heartbeat and some extra like HRV, temperature etc). Head over to their website for moe
  • Well finished app with right visualisations and a very detailed weekly report
  • matte finish
  • They also help you with ring sizer kit before you get the actual ring

What could have been better

  • Slightly chunky when it comes to feel
  • Need to check on the rotation while setting up the ring