salem food spots

May 21, 2022 (2y ago)

Salem food places 🥑

Salem food places 🥑

21 May 2023

Most towns with a large bazaar typically end up having a thriving snacks or Street food presence. Be it namakkal or salem.

Salem Thattuvadai

The best place I have had thattu vadai in salem is muthu pori kadai. Been going for a decade now.

Plus code : M4GW+8F Salem, Tamil Nadu

podi dosai

Madhu tiffin center is a place I have been going for a few years. Lots and lots of oil but spiciest 🥵 chutney and podi dosai



Plus code : M42W+99 Salem, Tamil Nadu


Great place for early morning breakfast

Nammakal Nei dosai

Rasipuram is a 40min drive from Salem town. While it's most popular for the anjaneya templ, the Lakshmi Vilas has been open for a few decades now. Crispy nei dosa

Plus code : F56P+C6 Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu

Rao mess

One of the most wholesome lunch meals you can have. They recently moved to a place outside Salem but often worth the drive