some of my work

I have spent most of my time as an engineer and now i leverage that to build systems that solve hard business problems and along the way, have a lot of fun. - AI led finance controller automation platform

Co-Founder, Tech

Helping finance controller accomplish fast close, automate most of their repetitive manual tasks like reconciliation, flux analysis, variance analysis, finance statements generation, all of this with the help of AI. If this is an area that excites you, please drop me an email to connect.

curefit (cultsport)

Head of Product at cultsport, April, 2019 - April, 2024 (~5 years)

I joined curefit in early 2019 help grow cultsport in to largest home grown brand for fitness and sporting goods.

  • In 2021, I was part of a team that built swasthapp and help create digital backbone for integrated healthcare delivery in India. launch of portal
  • Since 2022, i'm helping build & cultsport app into India's largest sporting destination
  • Since 2023, I'm working on a thesis that with modern data stack, it's possible to improve both speed of critical business decisions as well as quality of decisions via tech recommendations(co-pilot/auto-pilot).

    If 2000s was era of large ERPs that act as source of truths and digitised the data, 2020s will be about making them talk to each other to make decisions.

    auto-pilot inspiration

Co-Founder 2010-2013

Built and scaled custom marketplace tech stack (ruby, python) with end2end seller portal and consumer shopping portal. Hired the core team

Raised funding from top tier VC's and angels. Ended up with acquisition by Snapdeal acquires


Software Engineer, 2008 — 2010, 2014-2016

One of the early engineers at bankbazaar. Worked mostly as frontend engineer and learnt most of what i know today about team, ambition and tech. Launched mobile app for bankbazaar

LDTP (opensource)

Contributor 2005-2008 (college)

In another lifetime, i loved tinkering with opensource projects and Nags had very graciously helped me get onboard and help me contribute to the project.